About Us

Zach’s friends and family say he stood for kindness and bravery, he was the child on the playground who was everyone’s friend-he included and cared for everyone. So many friends and strangers displayed acts of kindness on Zach’s cancer journey, which brought him  joy in the midst of a tough 10 month cancer journey. Our family witnessed many acts of kindness during his cancer journey -our mission is to pay it forward the acts of kindness to other children and families fighting cancer in our area.

We are helping children in the area battling cancer forget they have cancer AND their siblings, how do we do this? By helping them be a kid!

Children will receive a beach tote filled with:

• Personalized embroidered blankets for every child in the family (when you’re not feeling well, snuggling with family is essential)!
* Age appropriate gift cards
* Toys
* Individualized gifts
* Cash